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Repeatedly pressing Power button to post


We have a report that the power key is needing to be pressed repeatedly to turn the device on.

UPDATE: GPD Official advice is when turning laptop on from cold boot press and hold power but for 1-2 seconds and release. Issue is resolved.

From [addis n] IGG

I need click power button for few times to boot up the system when it is unplugged. Is anyone have the same issue?

I can see the fan is on when I click the power button for the first time. Then, the fan will stop after a while and nothing will continuous. I need to press the power button few times to boot up the system.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue and is there any known fix or resolution please?


Mine does the same thing

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In my experience, I need to press the button at least half a second or so for the device to turn on. I never need to do it more than once. Using bios 0.21.


Great thanks Milly.

@Xem can you please retest with bios 0.21 as described by Milly and post back here. Thank you.

GPD has replied to [stephen ong] at IGG:
The power button is not the standard notebook and desktop. For this embedded processor, the power button should be pressed for 1~2 seconds and then released, because the power-on process takes hundreds of milliseconds.

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Thanks very much. I was thinking of marking this resolved yesterday to be honest.

That is right. I also do the same to turn on with one click. Press the power key for 1 second or so.