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Replacing the keyboard?


I’ve got an insane idea: what if GPD would release a replacement for the keyboard that instead of touchpad would have touchpoint + extra row of keys?

Just give me a minute before you say I’m nuts.

First of all, there are not enough keys for languages other than English. I speak Russian and the Russian alphabet has 33 letters. 7 more than English. This makes typing in Russian a horror. I’m sure the same happens to other languages with the longer alphabet. Constantly pressing Fn is not really a solution but a source of constant swearing.

Second of all, it becomes even worse if you’re a programmer or system administrator. :, -, ` and other non-alphanumeric characters that are required when you’re trying to code or issue shell commands are super inconvenient to type.

Third of all, pretty much all newer devices of the same form factor such as Peekago, One Mix Yoga S3, MAG1, and others are actually having one more keyboard row. Not to mention they’re convertible (laptop -> tablet). If I would wait for a month after GPD company has started I would put some extra $$$ to get those quirks. But we have what we have.

I think these points are reasonable to ask GPD to design another keyboard option that can be replaced. I didn’t disassemble the device to figure out how hard would it be to replace the keyboard but I think it is doable.

What are your thoughts on this?

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