[request] GPD Win Max latest Unlocked BIOS + Default Values

(ranting about the lack of GPD support)
Four star product, zero star support. They even took down the official Discord page. And it’s not any of your fault, either.


So a few years ago I bought the GPD Win Max (with 1035G7), which is working well and I had fun and etc. However recently I decided to poke around the unlocked BIOS a bit for things, which almost bricked my Windows install (was fiddling with some VT-D settings).

Hence I need to restore values to default, however because this is the unlocked BIOS, there is no “restore default” for these system-related settings.

If someone happen to have the unlocked BIOS but had not poked around it, providing a list (the list is extremely long, unfortunately) of “default/factory” settings would be very helpful.

What is interesting is that I thought I had broke the USB 3.1 on the rear-side USB-A ports, because my external SSD enclosures stopped working. However upon closer inspection (and various plugging and unplugging) it seems like that with the current BIOS settings I have, RTL-9210B based enclosures are unable to work correctly (and specifically the RTL-9210B; My other JMS589 and VL716-Q4 devices work as expected.

I have the 1.11 Windows BIOS Flash Utlity, and will upload to this site when I get the permission to do so.