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[SCREEN ISSUE] Vertical / Horizontal lines on screen / screen fades out

I have the following screen issues with my GPD max 2 that I have received yesterday. I have upgraded the BIOS today and nothing has changed, same issues coming over and over.

1- white horizontal lines appearing on the screen when the mouse cursor moves.

2- the screen clours fade and the laptop dies, I have to force sleep or shutdown through the power button and then wake it up again to work properly again, the following image and video show what I mean:


I will run the memory test and send the result update!

This looks like a loose cable to me where screen connects to vga socket on board but can’t be sure.

I just watched a YouTube video with a Lenovo laptop that had the exact same issue your showing. This is as I thought the ribbon cable that comes from the screen to the board may not be seated quite correct. At your own risk you could try reseating the cable or contact gpd about the issue and advise what they say.


Thank you for your reply, could you please share the link of the video you are talking about?

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Sure the only reason I didn’t is because clearly it’s risky if you do this yourself.

Warning Disclaimer: you do this at your own risk. This is unofficial support which may help resolve the issue experienced but it may not and you risk damaging the screen bezel and plastics if you are not careful and patient. we are not affiliated or official support. If you want official support please contact GPD.

The below YouTube is Helpful in that she simply used thin card wrapped neatly in electrical tape to pack at the pressure point of where lines appeared in screen. This is a temp solution though a permanent fix is to find the fault which I’m confident is a loose ribbon cable connection from screen to board.

Lenovo one mentioned above.

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Another user also experiencing the same issue. Have you had time to look into the screen cable or have you decided you don’t want to take the risk yourself? I understand either way just want to try help him. Thanks!

Yes, but the cable is firmly connected.

Plus the fact that the horizontal and vertical lines are not the main issue here, it is that the screen becomes irresponsive, the colours start to be distorted and fades till the screen is totally black, and to get it working again, I just have to press the power button to put the computer to sleep and then wake it up by pressing the power again.


Have you tried to install Ubuntu and see if you experience the same issues? This would at least tell us whether it’s software / drivers issue or not.

Many thanks

Hi @h_amak, is this the cable you checked circle highlighted in red in this picture?
Does ribbon and socket look clean?

DISCLAIMER: This is unofficial support. Anything you do is done at your own risk. We will not be liable for any damages in trying anything mentioned here.

If any residue/dust I’d recommend cleaning both ribbon and socket with Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) or Super 10 Switch Cleaner by Servisol and anti static brush.

Hi there - I dont mind trying this ourselves (we are an IT company). Is that cable supplying power and touch screen data or are there any other cables? and do you think the half screen issue would be resolved or do you think my issue is a backlight issue?
Also, what kind of backlight system does it use? do you have any pictures of it? thx!

@cnobre Yes, it will be power and video data (I think) I haven’t seen schematics of board diagrams to confirm which pins etc but I’m sure this to be true.

There maybe driver boards and two blacklight boards for screen as well on the screen itself. - I reply more on the other thread where your issues is, so not to confuse matters. Thanks.

Hi there - so no luck yet. Contacts looked clean but I cleaned them anyway.

I might just try a different route or buy another one - I will be going on a trip and I needed it soon.

Any update? I havent heard back fromo gpd yet.


I have removed the cable and cleaned it, now I’m testing and waiting to see whether it’s going to happen again or not!

I have contacted GPD and the last communication they asked me to return it back for repair.

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Thanks h_amak

Did you use Isopropyl alcohol (ipa) to clean screen cable?

And can you please let me know if this cleaning has resolved the screen issues you were having. Thank you.

Yes, I have used IPA for cleaning the cable and the surrounding area in the motherboard.

Surprisingly, it is working fine for the last 5 hours with no issues, I will keep monitoring and heavely use it and update you.

Thank you for being a great help :slight_smile:


I had black screen all of a sudden yesterday. I contacted them, and sending it back to them for repair today.

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@Selcukgenc - Maybe you should try IPA clean like I mentioned yesterday just before you ship it off to GPD? It would be worth it for the low cost of IPA, No?

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I’m so pleased for you @h_amak

Thank you so much for being a part of this user community.

yes, i know. i gave up, i am sending it back to them. Let’s see…

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