Screen Powering down - Works on External HDMI

This is definitely software / firmware related from what I can see.
GPD have properly messed something up with the power management settings in Bios 0.23
My screen goes black after I walk away for 10 minutes in Ubuntu Mate 19.10 or in Windows.
This is the setting which is set to save battery. Only you cant get the screen to wake or come back on.
The only thing I can do is change the backlight of the screen from low to high.
I know the system is still functioning as when I press the power button I can hear the Ubuntu Mate sound pop but screen is black.

This is the most annoying problem I have ever come across.

I should not have to belly button the machine everytime I pause to get a coffee.
Short term fix or workaround is dont allow your screen to go off in power management settings.

But I should not have to do this.

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I would not be surprised if the one sided screen issues either whole left side off or whole right side off is a software/firmware issue. Not at all. This as far as im concerned is definitively software/firmware related.
I’ve tested on Windows and on Ubuntu Mate 19.10

Me thinks our mate Hans de Goode needs a p2 max and I hope to god someone smart resolves these issues.

UPDATE: To save damaging your SSD everytime by belly buttoning.
IF you either connect external display or in Ubuntu Mate you can press power button for a couple of seconds until you hear the audible sound which is a dialog box. Pressing enter after that sound will shutdown the machine safely and immediately.

This is a work-around. (I guess)

I guess ALT + Fn + 4 (F4) may also work in Windows to bring up the Shutdown box and then Enter but this will only work if you had nothing else open when you walked away from the screen. ie you were just at desktop.

And the irony is GPD is not acknowledging the issues with 0.23. They feel that the BIOS is perfect!!!

One of the safe way to SHUTDOWN Windows 10 would be:

“Windows_Key + x” --> “u” --> “u”

Press “Windows_Key” + “x” together
and then press “u”
and then press “u”

This should shutdown the machine. Alternatively you can RESTART the machine by:

“Windows_Key + x” --> “u” --> “r”

Press “Windows_Key” + “x” together
and then press “u”
and then press “r”

GPD had replied to your comments on IGG with the link to the source code for DSDT:

Hi @petem I figured out something. I am able to “power on/ wake from sleep” the notebook if I long press until the GPD Logo appears on the screen. This way we dont need to long press to hard reset the PC and start again.

Can you try this. I just tried this 2 times and it worked for me both the times.

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Sorry, this does not work as a stable solution! I just tried this today and I did not work. Guess it was out of fluke that it worked yesterday for me.

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