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Screw size for bottom plate - anybody got an idea?

Does anybody know what the screw size is for the nine screws holding the bottom plate is? I’ve just noticed that I seem to have lost one and want to get some replacements . . . .



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I could only guess, but it should be something around m1, m1.5 or m2. (just get a mixed 10 dollar box from amazon for computer repair, you maybe need some more sometime and the costs are pretty equal to a 100 piece m1 only bag. (they are also avaiable insilver of course.)

I don’t know but, after dinner, I will pull one out and measure it. I have the tools and the knowledge to do such arcane things. Stay tuned. Doc

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@sirbb did you check that the screw was here when you received the machine? Asking because my machine was also missing one on arrival. The screw thread was broken, it is thus useless to find a replacement screw. Maybe you are in the same situation?

You could temporarily take another screw then check that the thread is still good. Be cautious, they are very delicate and it’s easy to break the thread (been there, done that, which is why I thought I’d put the “extra” screw where it was missing)

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Always use the proper driver for small screws like this, due to their size breaking them is nor hard.

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