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Suggested TDP Profiles in BIOS Version 0.22

GPD had provided a BIOS update version 0.22 in their website. They have mentioned in IGG comments section that, this would solve many of the outstanding issues, and also they have added TDP configuration item, in order to tweak the fan’s behavior.

Currently there are 3 configuration items or policies under Security tab of BIOS:

  1. Fan: Quiet Mode with TDP: Energy Saving Mode
  2. Fan: Standard Mode with TDP: Energy Saving Mode (And) Performance Mode
  3. Fan: Performance Mode with TDP: Energy Saving Mode (And) Performance Mode

BIOS Firmware version 0.22 download:

Based on user experience what are the suggested modes for different type of activities? I personally use the system for browsing, downloading torrents, watching YouTube, Amazon Prime Videos, Netflix and do some music streaming via bluetooth and also light productivity work such as Adobe Photoshop, Microsoft Office, etc.


I was hoping the quiet mode would at some point spin down the fan completely, but that does not seem to happen with bios 0.22.


Also, just some more info for those who are curious what the difference is between the two TDP options.

TDP: Performance Mode = 8W with temporary boosts up to 15W

TDP: Energy Saving Mode = 6W with temporary boosts up to 9W