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The 20190919 Hailuck keyboard update allows for simultaneous use of keyboard and touchpad

Touching the pad while typing no longer results in missing keypresses or repeats. This should help with gaming. Yay!


@Stone-D Can this be updated without windows? I just wiped mine last week for Ubuntu MATE 19.10 lol

Deleted, wrong info for this thread!

This link is pointing to a page where BIOS update is mentioned. Is this the right link for the Hailuck keyboard update?

Oh WOW. Sorry, I half asleep when I posted that and thought this was the 0.25 bios thread. My very big bad!

Okay, in my utter embarassment I went and gave it a shot in ubuntu via vmware using ubuntu-16.04.6-desktop-i386.iso.

First I had to install Wine.

sudo add-apt-repository universe
sudo apt update
sudo apt install wine1.6-i386

I tried this earlier in Kali, but that’s 64bit and the downloads were going to be much larger (you have to add the x86 architecture first) so I switched to this.

The exe is a .NET application, and wine requires Mono and Gecko to be installed. It does this for you, with prompts.

As I don’t run Linux on my P2 Max, this is as far as I got.


Hi @Stone-D am trying to update in Windows. Do you have the latest hex file and method to update in windows? In order to get rid of the touch pad and keyboard simultaneous usage issue in Windows.

This is the original archive.

If this is your first time using the keyboard updater, a word of warning! Launching the software will DISABLE both the keyboard and touchpad until reboot. You need another way to control the P2 Max. The first time I used a bluetooth mouse, and the second time I used VNC. You could, of course, do the old hold-down-the-power-button… but that’s just wrong. (564.2 KB)

Launch, and press the big button to the right. When it gets back to green, reboot the computer.


You can use the touchscreen after starting the updater, no need for vnc or a mouse :slight_smile:


LOL true. I keep forgetting that exists. I’ve never used a touch enabled laptop before this, and so far I’ve only used it to scroll around my zoomed in desktop.

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Thanks for that @Stone-D