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To Pledge or not

Hello! There is only a few hours left of this indiegogo campaign and I am yet to pledge.
I was 100% on on this until I started reading through all the comments.

What would you guys advise? Do you have faith in the problems being resolved?


Hi Ollynz,

We have always believed in GPD and they have had amazing reputation previously however this is a concern as we have never seen such negativity on build issues. My belief is GPD will work with us to resolve these problems and I’m hoping that its isolated to just one mini production batch of 200-300 units which have had the hardware keyboard and trackpad issues. This is the main reason I was compelled to set this site up last night in the hope that GPD will work with us asap to resolve these issues quickly for users.

Unfortunately only you can decide whether this is a campaign you wish to fund. It would be wrong of us to persuade you either way.

We hope you make the right decision for you!

There’s probably more negativity visible on this issue simply because the number of units sold. They told me about 800 units ago or so, during the campaign, that this was their most successful product to date. The percentage of problems is probably consistent with other products, but when 4 times as many people are part of the crowdfunding, it would definitely make for more voiced complaints.

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