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[TOUCHPAD ISSUE] Left Click Problem

Please let us know here what is happening.

Trackpad left click is terrible. You have to click hard on left bottom corner of the TrackPad only to activate left click.

I know you raised this with GPD directly is there any update? Again does this feel like it could be glue related like bottom keys? I think it maybe related?


GPD have released a “Touchpad Test Tool”

Please take a look at this here:

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I used that, thanks for sharing. It is still weird to me, looks like I will live with that.


GPD are requesting for a video of the touchpad left click problem. Is there any chance you can provide this in here?

Thanks for your co-operation.

There is already a video here:

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Thanks @selcukgenc

I assume you have sent it already then directly to GPD and that they are dealing

I will try to make a video and upload it here. No, I did not send them anything. Sine I fix the sticky keyboard issue, I am still thinking about sending it to them for touchpad repair or no.

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Yes, please make a video yourself and upload it here. That last video was a little hard to see fully. GPD are asking for this it could be dealt with maybe with firmware. Patience is key. If need be they have sent details of their returns to me I can send them to you but I’d suggest holding off for now as the imports thing is complicated plus it appears you’d have to pay shipping too.

has there been a resolution on this? Suddenly experiencing the touchpad double click issue

Hi @Suigeneris

Is this after installing New PTP (touchpad firmware) upgrade?

Touch-pad issues are resolved with the Touch-pad firmware upgrade that was pushed by GPD. However my feedback is only from a Windows OS standpoint. But many of the Linux users have also reported a very good improvement with the Touch-pad firmware update.

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