Touchpad just randomly stopped working

Hi all,

My touchpad has today just randomly stopped working. Can only get mouse movement or click when I use external mouse.

I’m running Ubuntu MATE 19.10
Nothing has been changed by me settings wise. I checked in mouse settings from within control centre shows touchpad is enabled. I disabled and re-enabled and issue still exists. I should also say I’ve fully powered down left it and come back to it and issue still persists.

Anyone have any ideas?


This also happened to me twice. I reinstalled the updated mouse firmware and it solved the problem.

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Thanks @wondow

Do you know if there is a straightforward way to install these firmware drivers from within Ubuntu Mate

Or will I have to create a windows PE to run the gpd firmware?

I’m not sure. I kept a small Windows partition specifically for these matters.

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@petem Did you finally manage to solve your problem?

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I have not got round to it. I believe it may have stopped working when Ubuntu MATE did a major update which I think updated the kernel last week but have no way to know for sure. I agree with you though @wondow and think your solution above will likely cure the problem.

I am pretty snowed under work wise so I’m afraid I haven’t had a spare opportunity to attempt to create a windows pe and install the more up to date firmware. Hopefully next week I will find some time for now I’m using external mouse.


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