Touchscreen didn't work

Does anyone receive their unit that the Touchscreen didn’t work? How to test it out if it is an driver or hardware issue?

I thought you said it was working until you upgraded to 0.21 bios?

Also @wicky can you answer whether you did reinstall that I asked and gave steps for on other thread. (GPD P2 Max - [WINDOWS] Touchscreen stopped working after 0.21 bios upgrade)


P.s So far your the only person reporting this issue that I’ve come across.

Hi, Well I am really sorry that actually I did not test seriously the touch screen feature when the unit as received. But I barely remember that I did touch the screen once or two and it seems working before I upgraded to 0.21 bios.

Btw, did anyone reported their unit come with Touchscreen not function? Actually I am not a super fan of Touch screen function, but since its should be the P2 Max feature so I think I want to have it rather than ignore it!

Do you know if any ways to test it out if it is hardware or software issue? I can see from the Device Manager saying the Goodix Touch Drive and HID-Compliant touch screen driver are working properly.

@Wicky - I think quickest way would be to try clean install of Windows as described in other thread. This would rule out software issue and or corrupt or malfunctioning driver.

Unfortunately I don’t know of any other test yet.

I’d have pointed you to a Ubuntu Mate live image to test on that but sadly the bespoke build has not yet been built which includes the touchscreen fix. It is due to come soon but for now it is not quite ready.

And no other person that I am aware of other than yourself has reported touchscreen not working.