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Two problems: power button and half screen

I have a P2Max 16GB. I received it about a month ago. I am having two issues and want to know whether I need to go to kendyz about it or if there is something else I might try. I’m on the .27 firmware downloaded from the gpk site.

First, when I press the power button, I typically only get the fan. This is true even if I press the power button for two full seconds. Pressing the power button for an additional five seconds, which shuts off the fan, generally brings it up normally. Starting with five seconds doesn’t work – I still get only the fan. Thus it always takes me at least two tries to get it running.

Second, it usually, but not always, starts with the left half of the screen dark. Usually the left half will come on after 10-20 seconds.

So far, neither problem has occurred if I started with it plugged in, but I don’t do that very often.

If these problems were not going to get worse, I could live with them. I really like the PC, but I am worried about traveling and having it either not start or start with a half screen.

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Firstly the power button sounds fairly normal for this device. It took me a little to get used to.
My best advice is from off - press and hold down for 3 seconds and release. This generally works for me everytime bar the very odd rare occasion that it doesn’t (Perhaps once a fortnight) I use it every day.

The left hand side of the screen shouldn’t be that way. I’ve not personally experienced these half screen issues but there are other threads where members have experienced these issues. I was told that 0.27 bios update had largely resolved them but obviously not if you are also running that?

I am running .27. Thanks for the advice on the half screen. So far it hasn’t lasted more than 20 seconds and had never occurred except in a cold start up. I had seen others with the issue but they seem to have it much worse than I do. I’ll definitely try 3 seconds for the power button.

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Three seconds – or even 5, 6 or 10 seconds – doesn’t fix the power button issue for me. It takes me three or four 5-second presses of the power button to get boot started. However, I haven’t had a recurrance of the half-screen issue.