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Video output micro-HDMI vs USB-C port

I am thinking of getting a dongle to connect a monitor to the P2, and I am wondering whether I should do that for the micro-HDMI port or for the USB-C port. Does anyone know whether there are differences in the output resolution / refresh rates between those two ports? The advantage of USB-C here would be that the dongle could be a multi-purpose one with LAN, USB-A, card reader, etc.

According to the specs page, the GPU supports up to 4096×2304 @60Hz, but I wonder whether both micro-HDMI and USB-C ports support this. Does anyone have experience with this for the P2 Max?


My two cents for what it may be worth?
I’ve tested micro hdmi but I’m unsure of the resolution output on the monitor. It was good quality as I watched a 4K test file and it was great.

I bought a usb c dongle 12 in 1 which initially worked and again the same great output over full hdmi through usbc dongle but the dongle is defective and the manufacturer is replacing and im waiting for replacement.

I think any dongle would be best as usb-c. I went for a more expensive one but still was unfortunate to receive a defective one that kept disconnecting and reconnecting getting windows bing bong noise constantly. I only tested it on p2 max so hoping it’s the dongle and not the p2 max.

I will maybe test the resolution for you tomorrow evening on micro hdmi and hopefully usbc-c when im in location with external screen and see about the specific one you mention.


That’d be great, thanks. Probably I’m gonna go for the USB-C dongle . If the P2 can deliver 4K@60Hz over it, that’d be actually more than I’d need (3840x1600). The added value of not having to also carry around other dongles / card readers / USB-to-LAN converters is also very appealing.


USB-C is any day better than Micro HDMI.


In arch, I couldn’t get 4k at 60hz - even with micro HDMI. Just 30hz every time.

In fairness, this could just be settings related.


USB-C video output is not supported by default for P2 Max. It seems like we have to buy a special cable for the Video output to work. A link to the cable is provided below.

Well, I bought a Lenovo USB-C travel hub, and in combination with the USB-C cable that came with my monitor (an LG ultrawide), video output of the P2 Max over USB-C seems fine (3440x1440 @30Hz). But it is good to realize that for different cables results may indeed vary…

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@Milly Is it a direct connection from the notebook to monitor or a connection from the notebook to the hub and the hub to monitor?
Because that may work but not the direct cable connection from P2 Max to the monitor with the standard Type-C cable, since it did not work from my P2 Max to my Type-C Projector.

Ah, I see. Yes I meant from the P2 Max to the dongle, and then from the dongle over HDMI to the monitor. That worked. I have not tried USB-C directly to USB-C input on a monitor, since I have no such monitor.



Hmm, I just realize that using the USB-C port for video, means the P2 cannot be charged at the same time. Right? Any solutions to that?

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@Milly - No unless you use a usb-c dongle which allows passthrough and has usbc out for video.

@jerry is this the same cable recommended by GPD on my IGG comment?

@aravind I am not sure, it is part of P15BT’s accessory, free of charge.