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Which Stylus do you prefer to use with the GPD P2 Max?

There seems to be repeat questions for this so I’m creating this post.

You can take it as a reference:

Essentially any Capacitive Stylus should work fine, please note comments below. It appears that there is not much point in getting active capactive stylus as the GPD P2 Max does not have a digitiser to make use of the functionality and features an active pen would give


Update: I originally did this as a closed topic announcement but having researched a little about styluses this evening (not something I’ve ever needed) it is again perhaps specific to ones use for it.

For me I’ve learnt that it could speed up my reading and highlighting of text and this would definitely be a bonus. For others they maybe need a finer tip for drawing and sketching or perhaps you prefer to write on yours like it is paper. All people have different needs. There probably is not one size fits all to be honest.

It is for this reason I’ve decided to re-open this topic because I think the community (me included) could probably learn something by allowing others to comment about any preferred stylus they have used and whether that is for reading/writing, sketching/drawing or dare I say it any other use case.

All contributions very welcome. Thanks.

I believe GPD misspoke when making the comment about using any active capacitive stylus with the P2 Max though… Active stylus pens require a special digitizer in the screen to fully function, which the P2 Max does NOT have according to several reviews of early units I’ve seen. Those active capacitive pens should still technically work though (i assume) because theyre also capacitive, but none of the extra functionality that comes with an active pen will work, so you might as well just buy a cheaper normal capacitive pen (non-active style).

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Thanks @Bluegizmo83, Funny you say this as it is same answer as what I came to and the reason I reopened this thread. I was doing some light reading about styluses this evening.
(Never had a need for them to be honest I’m old school, book, paper and pen. Although being forced more to read electronically and use pdfs, LaTex, ebooks and manage the large amounts of reading with emacs and org-noter for org-mode. I’m a emacs noob tbh but eventually after steep learning curves it works well for what I use it for.)

Anyways (sorry I’m tired), I came across this and realised the answer I was given by GPD didn’t sit right with me.

UPDATE Official Confirmation that GPD P2 MAX does not support Active Stylus.

GPD HK 4 hours ago
P2 Max currently only uses capacitive stylus, which is a capacitive stylus commonly used in Android, iOS or Windows tablets, because P2 Max uses a capacitive touch screen.Active Capacitive Stylus can’t not be used on this machine.

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FYI - I got this stylus and it works great.

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