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Why have GPD suspended all IGG campaign perks?

So two days ago and you could order MicroPC, pocket2, and p2max, these were the the IGGs I personally visited two days ago.

It would appear all perks have been disabled on all campaigns.

Now, I know you could say well it had gone past the campaign close date, that’s true for both pocket2 and p2 max (and possibly for MicroPC but given that when I checked two days ago it said in production and not shipped I doubt it)

but I don’t think that’s the reason as there was last time I checked p2 max IGG a reduced price (with only 5 out of 100 claimed on p2 max higher model and 0 out of 100 on lower spec. Japanese both specs were 0 on both but I guess that’s to be expected as probably cheaper through aliexpress than IGG.)

My guess is this to allow them time to fix stuff before they take any more orders on.

I could be wrong.


That was what was on my mind exactly. They are probably trying to streamline their manufacturing process to produce more laptops without all the defects encountered with the previous batches. I guess they don’t have enough resource strength to fire fight the issues on one side and to handle manufacturing and delivery of newer orders. Its just my theory though!

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yeah, let them fix their mess. Otherwise, ppl will start reporting the company as scam!

I was wondering that also. Could be like you said, trying to streamline and get ahead of issues. But also, GPD said the reason they haven’t started shipping second batch P2 Max orders yet is because they’re having issues with IGG, they weren’t releasing the funds or something like that. So that makes me wonder if it has something to do with IGG…

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We will probably get to know some kind of update by tomorrow since this is weekend for them.