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Wifi Signal extremly weak

Hi there!

I am really into my new max, since i sorted out that fan always on problem.

But to be honest, the wifi is really pretty weak. Next to the router my speedtest gets up to 150 mbits, 5 meters more and the connection got drop outs and nearly no signal.

Is this normal and wifi is just weak or could this be a software/hardware issue

If yes I will try to find some better performing internal antenna and some space for it;)

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I have found the wireless signal to also be extremely weak. Unfortunately I have seen no way to improve this apart from to move closer to the router.

sometimes my p2 max cannot see the ssid at all, in some places in my house. on macbook i have full signal all over.

Which bios are you using? Did you undervolt your machine? And whats your power plan settings for your wifi card? I just want to collect some data to determine the issues a little bit closer; maybe we just got a bad batch or a bad antenna connection.

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Have you opened the machine to take a look inside? Check the athena connection.
Or you could try with live ubuntu usb to see if it is the os problem.

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Thanks. I’m still on 0.24 bios.
I didn’t make any customisations or do any undervolting.
I am using the stock GPD P2 Max Ubuntu MATE ISO 19.10 ISO and no longer have the windows partition.

I think i will try 0.25 soon, although I heard you mention there is a 0.27 and presumably a 0.26?


I think they stepped from 0.25 to 0.27, havent noticed a 0.26.

Someone on reddit just said his device is much more quiet after the update to 0.27; barely noticeable fan noise; maybe they also improved wifi; i will test it in the next days.

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