Win4 2023 black spots lcd

So on the first received win4 64gb 4tb, and immediately upon going into bios, when os starts, and random other times, The right hand side usually starting in one of 3 places roughly 25percent from top, middle, 25percent from bottom, is a black sphere that kinda (usually) flickers sending tendrils across the screen, sometimes it stays solid and sometimes covers the entire right side of lcd. I updated the bios, but not realy certain what to do since it seems hardware related. It kinda looks like when you apply pressure to the back of on lcd to the point where that spot turns black, tho im fairly certain no pressure is being applied just saying for better visualization of issue. It appears to be getting worse. Im open to any ideas on a fix. I have not found any other videos or pics of black spots on lcd issues that look similiar yet online, tho I did find many. Thank you in advance