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Windows 10 Boot Drive

Has anyone been able to create a Windows boot drive using the windows media creation tool? I have tried a couple times and have had an error saying it can not be completed. My plan is to have a windows boot drive available in case I need to reinstall windows for BIOS updates or other issues since I will be using linux on my machine.

When I attempt it, it downloads Windows and then starts writing to the drive but about 1/3 of the way during writing it gives the error message. I am using a new flash drive for it with 16GB which I reformat after each failed attempt.

Thanks, SR

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I replaced the internal SSD with a 2TB one and put the original in an extrnal NVMe casing. then I used clonezilla to copy the original disk onto my new 2TB SSD. Then I shrunk the windows partition to a minimum and installed ubuntu linux. both windows and linux are working fine for me.

probably you can shrink the original windows partition and then use clonezilla to copy it over to another disk.

regards, phil

Try another flash drive, and/or run a sector scan on that drive. Fake flash drives are a thing - they look the same, act the same, and report the same, but a 32Gb drive will only have 2Gb at best.

If it’s legit, perhaps it’s faulty. Split the drive into two partitions and try to install to the second one. If it works, get it replaced.

So apparently this is a known issue for Windows 10. For some reason the solution involves placing the Windows Media Creation tool on the flash drive and then running it to create a windows boot disk. Strange but true. I haven’t used windows in over 10 years so its all very alien to me these days.

I was able to complete the boot creation and boot override into it with the BIOS menu. Hope this helps anyone interested. I am not interested in a dual boot but I will keep windows handy in case there are issues with BIOS updates from linux in the future.


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