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Windows and Ubuntu Mate 19.04 have delay from connecting charger to actually showing charging


I’m documenting this here as it does seem to be too much of a delay especially in Ubuntu Mate 19.04.
Maybe this is normal? I’m not sure?

stephen ong

One more issue(?) i found. When i plugged in the supplied charger, sometimes the device still did not start charging. Either that or the icon takes 3~5secs (or more) to indicates that the device starts cgarging. Does anyone happens to have this issue as well?

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Interesting. I just replicated your Charging Delay issue on both Windows and Ubuntu Mate 19.04. Heres what I found.
On Windows: There is about a 5 second delay before Windows registered that its charging
On Ubuntu Mate 19.04 Live – Its about 10 seconds delay. Also on Ubuntu it makes a sound notification to say its recognised power and brightens the screen at about 7 seconds after plugging in charger but then if you watch the LED on side LED remains off for a further 3-4 seconds.

In Windows its about 3 seconds for Red LED to come on unit and about 5-6 seconds for Windows to report charging in battery icon.

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GPD had provided a BIOS modification package in their website for people whose LED charging indicator does not function:
Apparently when I questioned them about this on IGG, and requested to make this as part of their BIOS release, they mentioned that the problem was only with the first batch of 100 PCs. And its a fix for people who received that, the later batches are fine.

I am also facing a delay similar to what you have mentioned in this thread. I guess I can live with the delay for now.

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