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Windows C: drive almost full

My GPD P2 Max seems to be running well. One issue I’ve noticed is that all my data (Users folder, Program files, etc) are getting stored on the Windows C: drive. Meanwhile, the D: drive, Local Disk, has nothing on it. The C: drive is almost full. How can I fix this issue?

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How large is your users folder? You could migrate this onto the D drive.

Or depending on your use case you could simply wipe the ssd and reinstall windows and have one partition. This can be done by using the Microsoft create media tool

Another option could be to use Windows 10 Disk Management to extend the volume. (This will only work though if you delete the D volume first and have it as unallocated space)

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the quick response!

My users folder is fairly large. Size is 69.8 GB (30.0 GB on disk…not sure why there’s such a large discrepancy). How would I migrate this over to the D drive? Is there a way to migrate Program Files (also large) over to the D drive?

In my case, since the D volume is empty, it probably makes most sense to delete the D volume first and extend the C volume. Is there any disadvantage to this approach over wiping the SSD and reinstalling windows?

Thanks in advance!

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Personally for me it’s always cleaner to do fresh install and would be my preferred option.

However some people have no issue at all using partition software to resize partitions or use windows disk management tool in windows 10 to extend. The advantages are that you wouldn’t need to reinstall all the program files and recopy your user folder data. The disadvantages are you run the risk of corrupting data albeit that the risks are probably quite low.

To move your User folder you can take a look at this as to these thorough steps on how to achieve this

For me I have no recent experience with Microsoft disk management and extending partitions within it and I’m unable to test currently as I’m dual booting my system and using c drive for Windows and Ubuntu Mate Operating System is on my D drive. Mainly so that I can support windows users on here.

You will also note in this link that Microsoft do not recommend moving your Program Files/Data to an alternative partition.

Hope this helps.

Great, this is all very helpful. One last question: How to do a fresh install with the GPD P2 Max? Sorry if this question has already been asked elsewhere!

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@whkim, I’m being lazy but this pretty much covers it.

This is step by step on using Microsoft Media Creation Tool @whkim (if you need it)

If your struggling post on this thread and I’ll try help you with whatever it is. I’ll mark as resolved for now but if you need help just reply and I’ll see it.


I’m probably too late, but in windows you can use the built in drive manager to delete the D: drive and then expand the C: into the space that was the D: drive without turning off the computer

Disk Manager
Start -> create and format hared disk partitions -> Disk Mamager

If drive d is still empty (you dont see any folders)
then in this management console you can right click the d drive in the bar chart and delete it
Next right click on the c drive and extend it
select the largest number allowed and tell windows to do it - moments later 1 drive with all the space.

Mine has all 500Gb allocated tot he c drive, no reinstall.

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This is all very helpful, thanks! The only thing I’m unclear about now is how to download all the device drivers from GPD. Thanks again.

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Hi @whkim

You can download the Windows Drivers for p2 max from GPD site here: