Blank Screen After System Wakes Up From Sleep/ When lid is opened

I am facing a weird screen related problem. The display does not wake up from sleep, when the lid is opened after a prolonged sleep period. By this I mean that the display is completely blank and I do not see any vertical or horizontal lines as mentioned in this thread. This happens only when the lid is closed for the entire night. It does not even wake up when the power key is pressed. I could hear the fan sound very mildly which means that the laptop itself had woken up from sleep but not the display. Only option is to force shut the system by long pressing the power key, and then turn on again using the power key. That is when the screen turns on again, with the GPD logo flashing. This could be a simple BIOS/firmware related issue associated with the Lid behavior. Has anyone else encountered this problem?

Is not one else facing this problem? I am pretty much encountering this everyday, after the system it started after a prolonged sleep period (like overnight).

I’ve only had the device a couple of days and haven’t yet been able to do an extended overnight standby test sorry. I will see if I can do this soon.


Can you please describe exact steps for me to take to attempt to replicate the issue. If you can do this within the next 10 hours or so I will do it this evening and leave overnight.


Also as a work around for now I’d recommend shutting down the laptop as it literally take 6 seconds to boot into windows from cold.(probably less if you use windows hello fingerprint recognition)

But fully appreciate you want to resolve the actual problem. Also firefox and opera both save all your open tabs and can restore them following a shutdown I think.

These are the exact steps to reproduce the problem:

Just use the laptop for a while and without shutting down, or without locking the system using (WinKey + L), just simply close the lid of the laptop.

When you open the lid after a while, say after 5 minutes or 10 minutes, the screen turns up and shows the lock screen. However when you keep the lid closed for a longer period, say like 4 to 5 hrs, and then open the lid the display would be blank, also the fan does not turn on which means that the system is not turned on at all. But when you press the power button for 2 to 3 seconds, the fan turns on and you can hear mild sound of the fan, but the display does not turn on at all, even after waiting for like 5 minutes or so. So the only option is to force shut the system using long press of power button until the fan sound is not heard. And then turn on the system again by pressing the power button for 2 to 3 seconds. That is when the system properly turns on and the lock screen is displayed.

Note: I have done a clean installation of the Windows 10 Home after downloading the ISO using the Microsoft Media Creation tool. I have also installed all the missing driver such as the goodix touch screen driver, FocalTech Fingerprint reader and the display driver. Rest of the drivers were taken care by Windows 10 itself.

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Perfect i will do this tonight.
The only difference will be that I’m on the shipped preinstalled windows 10 home but I guess this shouldn’t offer much difference between your oem reinstall.

I don’t think the OS version is going to make a difference, both are Windows 10 Home. However this is the most latest package directly downloaded from Microsoft. Also just wanted you to note that I am on the latest BIOS (v) 0.21

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@aravind can you confirm you simply close the lid without the charger plugged in? So whilst on battery only? Thanks

@petem Yes I simply closed the lid without the charger plugged in, and there is at least 70% to 90% power left in the battery.

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Great I’ll be back in in about 3.5 hours. I’ll do this overnight tonight and tell you what I find tomorrow. Thanks

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Windows 10 Home
Version 1903
Installed on 8/30/2019
OS build 18362.175

87% left on battery
I’ve left opera and a couple of tabs open and windows explorer and closed the lid.
I heard the fan go off and i’ll update in the morning.

An update: GPD had just replied to my comment on IGG, asking me to test with the new BIOS (v) 0.22. Apparently a new BIOS has been uploaded by them here:

It seems like they have also added a TDP configuration item, including three modes: performance mode, standard mode, and silent mode, in the new BIOS (v) 0.22.

@aravind Yup, poking around in the bois file just now I see they added the TDP/Fan configuration settings in the bios, oddly under the Security tab/menu. But hey, at least they added it!


Before I went bed I note that the charge indiciator in side of laptop flashed green with lid closed.

This morning I came to device and no flashing green charge indicator it was off.

I opened the lid.
Black screen.
I pressed spacebar- nothing
I pressed enter-nothing
I pressed power button for 2 seconds and released.
It showed GPD logo
Then showed windows lock screen
I entered my pin
And the system loaded with opera and the two tabs and windows explorer how I had left them the night before.

Maybe this is only affecting some users and not others?

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GPD had replied to my comment in IGG, asking me to update the BIOS to the new version 0.22, which must resolve the issue. I updated the BIOS, and I now kept the Chrome with 3 tabs Youtube, Gmail, and closed the lid. I shall open after couple of hours to see whats happening and will update here.

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@aravind - please reply here as to whether bios 0.22 resolves your issue.

Thank you.

@petem I kept the lid closed for 3 hours now. When I opened the lid it automatically opened up the Windows lock screen :slight_smile: So I guess the issue is resolved. However I would like to do one more over night test by putting the system on charge and keeping the lid closed.

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@aravind - Yes please do extended overnight test. I will mark resolved pending retest thanks

@petem I had done an overnight test and the problem seems to be resolved with the BIOS v 0.22. However yesterday during the day I faced this issue once. But that was just once. So I guess it was just a one time issue.

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