Can anyone re-upload PeterCxy's EFI-flasher? [afuefix64.efi]

I’m trying to bring back to life a MicroPC that can’t see any devices anymore in its boot menu. EFI (“Shell version 2.60 [5.13]”) can see the devices though, so I’m trying to flash the latest BIOS as described here:

Step 6 tells me that “afuefix64.efi” comes from the PeterCxy download, but the link in step 2 is broken (Google Drive returns a 404 “not found” error), and I haven’t been able to find an alternative site it’s hosted on. According to step 3 this file is not available through the GPD .rar, but it also says to “Make a backup copy of that file”, so I’m hoping someone who followed this guide when the file was available still has a copy of it.

(Edited to add: there is an “afuefix64.efi” file available elsewhere on the internet. Each for a different BIOS, it seemed. I deemed this likely to be a unique version for each set of hardware. After acquiring almost a dozen different copies from different sources, I now have 11 files, no two of the same size. It seems unlikely that everyone who wanted such a utility insisted on modifying it, instead of copying someone else’s; I suspect it might be compiled from source for each platform, though since I don’t know how to find the source code, this leaves me no better off. And also convinced that I should be waiting for the MicroPC-specific version, since anything else is likely to brick my device.)