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Do you wish me to close this forum?

Hi All,

Josh Skidmore has advised there is another gpd discourse forum at I’m afraid I do not know any more details whether this is an official support forum or whether it’s another unofficial user community support forum. Long term I do not see the point in having two. Short term there may be some value as tbh I’ve kept this solely focussed to GPD P2 Max from a purely selfish perspective as that’s what I’m interested in as I’ve backed the campaign and setup this to help triage / support and feedback more serious problems to GPD with a collective voice so to speak that’s off the indiegogo forum as we can’t follow or have any decent thread of info on the limited comment functionality that IGG Campaign offers.

I’ve looked at and there is absolutely no mention of any issues at all with gpd p2 max except one Linux issue.

Anyways I’ll let the community decide what they want to do and if you guys / girls want to close this and move over to all is good with me. Likewise if you prefer to keep this open short term I’ve paid for 12 months anyways. But perhaps wouldn’t have if I’d have known there was an existing support forum. (I did a quick search but nothing came back and then I decided why wait for gpd to set one up when I can just get it done in an hour)

Peace out.

We already have some posts and/or pictures so in my opinion this discourse should stay.
When I get my unit in like 3-4 days I’m looking forward to post my findings here.

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Keep this forum, for sure! It’s much more organized and already contains more information than that other forum. That other forum appears to have been created with the GPD Micro PC in mind, seeing as 10 of the 14 posts there are for it. Also, that forum seems more general info based as where this forum is support based. Plus, is just a more nature link than a .digital link :slight_smile:

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Appreciate your feedback. Thanks. I’m hopeful that the next batch received will be the issue free and the usual great gpd products. Look forward to hearing from you! Thanks again.

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Yup me too. My Contribution is in the 2700’s, but when I do get it, good or bad, I’ll be here with my comments and findings.

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Same I’m 2700s and I hear UK are last due to issue sourcing UK chargers but this could just be a rumour.

I do like of the name what you got up for the forum, its easy to remember. Also i like the layout of this forum. It would need a bit work, but so far this looks promising and i would like to have this forum online. Thank you for creating one. Being a self taught web developer my self, it’s some work to host a site and $$$. I appreciate.

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Hi thanks for the feedback ismo. I’m not a developer or coder but more telecoms engineering background and project manangement. I have limited knowledge of Ubuntu server and Nginx and have never used discourse until I set this up so If you could help make this better and or prettier please do. My intention was to create a community forum to help each other and to share experiences both good the bad and the ugly. It is better to be aware of all things including the negative than to try hide or pretend they don’t exist. That way there are no surprises or disappointments. That’s how I see things. Hopefully we can create a nice space here

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Please keep this forum!! I also think that as far as this particular p2 max igg issues, this forum is very helpful to organise feedbacks and issues. Truly appreciate all your sincere efforts for all backers.

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Thank you very much for your kind feedback.

Hi Pete,
Sorry for late reply. My contribution id is #1840 but it was sent last Friday and as far as I know from the comment section it’s the first batch so I can encounter all of these problems. I also have another inconvenience connected with taxes which because the device was sent through courier and especially they picked most expensive one for the package recipient - DHL (and still their service quality is terrible; right now they should be happy it’s at least rated 2,4/5 by the customers).
I will have to pay big tax for it and still after opening the box I might find device with problems…
In conclusion right now situation is worse than buying couple of unknown state electronics from ebay.
Will post on this forum right after I get my hands on the unit.

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@SomberBanana we pray and have faith you will be ok. Please trust GPD they have very good reputation globally and please be patient I’m confident all of these issues will be fully resolved soon.

It would be nice to merge the two.

Thanks @joshwiththegoodhair , I will think on this over the next few days, also I’m not sure what this would entail tbh.

For now I’ve granted you moderator privilege and Level 4 Leader trusts as respect for running

If you wish to have full admin, I’d be happy to grant this to you too.

Please keep this forum alive. This is really helpful for sharing and resolving the issues with GPS P2 Max as a community.

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Thank you very much @aravind
Please be sure to check out the other resources available to here:

Also I love the guys (and maybe girls) on Reddit, they are super knowledgable and seem a great community. Thanks.