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Keyboard glow in the dark stickers?

Has anyone installed the keyboard glow in the dark stickers/labels that came with the P2 Max units? I haven’t installed mine yet, and I’m curious if they work ok in the dark like they are meant to and if they are holding up well (i.e. not peeling off or wearing through or anything else)…

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Ok, since there seems to be no info on this yet, I went ahead and put the stickers on my keyboard.

It took me about an hour to clean all the keys (with isopropyl alcohol) and put the stickers on, while watching TV. I’m sure it could be done faster, but I went slow to make sure I got all the stickers as centered on each key as possible (and I was watching TV while doing it).

The glow in the dark seems to work well so far. The stickers having a white background also helps seeing the keys in low light as well.

I’ll report back if the stickers start peeling off, wearing out, or anything like that. If I don’t report back, you can assume everything is still fine.


Please let us know! I haven’t used mine yet because I’m not convinced they’ll stay on and I don’t relish the idea of cleaning off the glue gunk afterwards.

I wish GPD sold a set of keys in this color scheme.

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Just a quick update. One thing I’ve noticed so far is that if you’ve had the lid closed for a while and then you open it up at night to use it in the dark, it doesn’t glow because it hasn’t had any light recently to charge up the glow. Sounds obvious but its something I neglected to think about.

Thanks. That wouldn’t be an issue for me, thankfully. I only want the higher visibility of the Fn symbols. Y, U, and I were annoying before I memorized them as all my passwords have dashes!

I installed mine on day one. So far, the arrow keys are lifting. Not the sticker but the clear coating on top. They don’t glow for shit, but I can see the FN keys much more comfortable.

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LOL I wasn’t expecting THAT. Thanks.

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I only put mine on yesterday and have been wondering the same. I’ve been hooking it up to a monitor for the most part with Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, so I haven’t put much mileage on the keys yet regardless.

This might sound ridiculous at first blush, but to see how bright they might glow I pointed a tiny one-finger nail polish light (already had one, super cheap on Amazon) at the keys, and it got pretty bright even in moderate light. Once I closed it and left it for what I want to say was about half an hour, the light was pretty faded. I’ll test that timeframe out again today and post the results, if it helps.

Do we know if it’s possible to buy new packs of these stickers?

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Second picture, after the lamp exposure:

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Small update. The stickers seem to be holding up well so far. I did notice though, after installing them, it makes the keys ever so slightly taller and as such my left control key now very slightly touches the screen when the lid is closed and causes finger oil transfer of the reversed and upside down “Ctrl” lettering onto the screen. It never did that before I put the stickers on.

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Wow. That’s pretty big. If left too long, that could damage the screen.

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