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[KEYBOARD ISSUE] Sticking Keys on Keyboard

There has been reports of the bottom rows of keyboard sticking on the devices.
Please let us know / describe what is happening here and how many of you are affected.Thanks.

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X C V B N M keys are getting stuck.

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Thanks for joining.
Does it feel like a hardware issue with the keyboard? ie the keys mentioned feel physically different to the rest of the keys? ie not bouncing back up and returning or something else?

Also depending on your answer above it would be good to know if you feel that this issue is not something that can be resolved by an updated firmware or driver issue to the keyboard. ie. its a physical keyboard issue not a driver/software issue.

This is definitely hardware issue.

Thanks, I am awaiting response from GPD on how users affected with the sticking keys issue on keyboard can
1/. Return the device to
2/. How GPD are going to honour their commitment made on comment in IndieGoGo page of bearing the shipping/freight costs.

Will come back to you when I hear back.

Thanks for your hard work and helping people to share the similar issues with GPD P2 max

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X and B take slightly longer to rebound than the other keys, but so far I haven’t had any show-stoppers.

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Thank you to the creator of this forum! Yes this is definitely a hardware issue. You can definitely feel the keys getting stuck in the pressed position, and they also make an “un-sticking” sound when they pop back up. As others have said I only get it with the bottom row of letter keys. Specifically X, V, and B. B is by far the worst, X and V are bad but not quite as bad. I have not really noticed much sticking yet with the other bottom row keys (Z, C, N, M).

Most definitely a hardware issue.

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Thanks SJ, as with the other user. I am hoping GPD will respond formally soon to where we can send these units back too and how they will bear the cost. Please stay tuned.

Thanks FortressP2Maximus. I believe the keyboard sticking issue is a hardware issue and I’m currently waiting to hear back from GPD on where people affected can send the device back to (the address) and how they will cover the freight/shipping for those people affected as they promised on IndieGoGo page.

I want take my money back before you send me p2 max!!! A lot of messages with broken keyboard or BIOS! SO i don’t want to solve this, i need little laptop for travel in this 2 weeks!

Ferio74 we are a user community support forum we are not affiliated to GPD only hoping to work with GPD to resolve issues quickly. Please contact them on indiegogo for refund request.

As I posted on the Indiegogo forum my sticky keys are X, C, V, B, M.

My questions to GPD were:

  • Can GPD send us a replacement part to replace in the system
  • If we have to send the system back can GPD send us an email with the shipping label already created

I urge everyone to remain calm and let GPD sort this out. Unlike some campaigners GPD has a well established record of success. They bring their campaigns in on time. They are being very quick to respond on the Indiegogo forums. Aside from a few QC issues this is a great product!

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I agree GPD have excellent reputation but this has caused quite a concern and we simply setup this forum to facilitate and assist GPD and work with them and the users one to take the pressure off them and for us to manage users expectations rather than them needing to say the same thing over and over. Plus as a community we can help each other. That’s my intention I don’t intend to need to run this long term and will quite happily pass the domain and the forum to GPD should they want it. Simply want to assist and get them to work with us to get some quick wins and resolutions to some of these issues. Awaiting response from GPD on where keyboard affected users can send back hopefully establish an RMA procedure and how they cover shipping freight cost.

Gpd said they shipped my product yesterday… Hope the cleared all those issues in this batch at least… Fingers crossed…

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Fingers crossed for you

This is an unofficial but possible fix to the sticking bottom row keys.

Warning Disclaimer: you do this at your own risk. This is unofficial support which may help resolve the issue experienced but it may not and you risk damaging the device if you are not careful and patient. We are not affiliated with GPD or official support. If you want official support please contact GPD.

Peanut 5 hours ago

[Sticky Key Issues Update]

For fellow contributors with sticky key issues, let me share what I have done to substantially alleviate the issue (if you are patient enough, I believe you can entirely get rid of the stickiness by doing this).

DISCLAIMER Please take your own risk by doing this.

Photos for easy reference:
Remove key cap:

Slip plastic sheet underneath and remove the sticky glue

I followed his steps, also, I removed white mechanism part. There is a sticky tape under it, I removed the type, I put everything back, it is fixed. I have to do the for other sticky keys.

Just be careful when you do it.

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Thank you for sharing your experience and we are pleased that your sticky keys issue is now resolved.

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