P2 Max won't turn on

Hi, my p2 max is having weird issue.
I have opened the p2 max to check the buzzing speaker. But when I plug everything back, the system now won’t boot. The fan is spinning but the screen is not responding, no back light. The buzz sound gone, seems the system can’t boot into bios. It is running bios 0.25.

I don’t think it is the lcd cable problem, it is still in place. I have left the battery unconnected overnight hoping it can clear bios, but still nothing happen.
It looks similar to this problem: Starts up but doesn't boot

Do you have any idea? Please help!

I got your private message asking for what I did in my case. I will answer here in the hope it will help others.

  1. I am located in Portugal, an European country and the European law says that every sell to an European address must provide warranty for 2 years and the seller is responsible for paying all the costs including full shipping on both directions.

  2. So, when I flashed the BIOS using the manufacturer tools and instructions, my GPD P2 MAX never more booted. I contacted first GPD and they told me it would be cover by warranty, as it is supposed. Then I contacted the seller, DX DealExtreme, and it was kind of fast for repair but the issue was that I had to pay to DHL (again!!) the taxes + DHL costs, which is about 30% of the product cost, when they send it to me after repair. DX would not want to pay me that costs and I had to force them thanks to Paypal because I asked for a refund on Paypal… in the end, they did agree to pay full costs but they started to say no, then after only 50% and finally the full but only when I used Paypal to ask for a refund. They are Chinese, they do not want to obey to European law – thanks to using Paypal refund, I was able to force them to follow the European law and pay the full costs for the warranty repair and full shipping costs.

So sad for their service. Fortunately you got the money back.

I’m living in Finland. The shipping cost and others fee could cost me more than the machine I own. I bought an used one, so not sure if I can get the warranty because the is no info on the warranty card (don’t know why it is blank). I have contacted them but haven’t got any reply.

If their service as you told me, I wouldn’t want to send it to them. It could cost me 300 euros more I guess? I will try a way to fix this issue myself first.

I believe the bios is fine because I’m not flashing it. It was working fine until suddenly dead. :frowning:

Ok, have you tried to connect a external screen to make sure the device wont boot? Maybe you accidently damaged or slightly disconnected the screen and everything else is working fine. With an external Monitor you could determine is this is the problem. (no backlight sounds like no connection at all, did you tried to take a look if the screen is still working? Hard to see without the backlight without high contrast)

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Hi have tried with external monitor via usb c to hdmi adapter. Nothing shows up. The fan still spinning. I keep battery out for 24h but problem still not solved.