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[SCREEN ISSUE] half of screen is on a different color/brightness

First of all - I appreciate all the response I am getting from GPD. I know they are overwhelmed and I am surprised and happy that they are still able to reply.

About the issue -
It is more noticeable on videos and on dark images. I have tried on a live boot cd and was able to confirm the issue is there too. I did try updating all drivers and applying the new firmware.

When I connect to the computer remotely the issue doesn’t carry over, which confirms it is something on the panel or between the panel and the motherboard.

I don’t mind trying things but because the issue is occurring exactly in half it doesnt seem to be similar to the issues that the other people are having where they have random lines that appear and disappear.

Please check out video too:


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Thank you @cnobre for describing the details here.

Have you tried to output to an external monitor via usbc or micro hdmi
I’d be interested to hear what the output is like on external monitor.

Thank you sir - yes I just tried again, here is the video, issue on local screen only:

Thank you, do you know @cnobre what LED panel is being used in the p2 max?
Is it LG do you know?
I don’t have my p2 max yet.

DISCLAIMER: This is unofficial support. Anything you do is done at your own risk. We will not be liable for any damages in trying anything mentioned here.

also @cnobre are you willing to check this?

The cable which comes from screen to the board. highlighted in red circle in this picture?

Does ribbon and socket look clean?Is there any glue/factory dust/residue?

If any residue/dust I’d recommend cleaning both ribbon and socket with Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) or Super 10 Switch Cleaner by Servisol and anti static brush.

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im not sure - you are very nice to be doing this out of the kindness of your heart :slight_smile:

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i will check and take some pics

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@cnobre - Thank you so much for this look forward to hearing.

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Please watch this video. (OK this is a LED monitor screen but the issue to me looks identical from 30 seconds in.)

I wonder if yours has somehow has accidentally shipped with an incorrect demo setting within the firmware?

Have you definitely done the bios firmware update to v0.20?

Has GPD been able to assist further?

I did see that video and I was hopeful for a second - I do like your theory. I did do the firmware and will do it again. I wonder if GPD can make a new firmware to fix my LCD?
They did answer suggesting I update the firmware, which I did.

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Is there any update @cnobre?
Are you sending back for replacement/repair?

They asked me to send it back but haven’t provided an address…

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I’ve seen your comment on IGG - I’m confident they will reply in a few hours its almost morning now in China. Thanks for your patience.

I have a similar issue except my entire left half is completely dark and you can’t see anything. When connected to an external display it’s fine and the touchscreen portion works on the “dark” side as well. It is exactly half of the screen. I did a bit of googling and found that Linus Tech Tips ran across something similar with an actual monitor (versus a laptop screen) and he “solved” it by unplugging it for 15 minutes or so. I opened the back of the case and removed the cable attaching the screen to the mobo (like shown in the pics) and let it sit overnight. But it’s still not working. I have not been able to reach anyone at GPD though to even discuss a repair/fix. Their website support link doesn’t do anything ( and no response from anyone via the Indiegogo site, the email link on or using Facebook Messenger…

This is my 2nd GPD, so I’m disappointed. I’m sure they’re slammed with the recent release, but they should have something in place to handle support issues :frowning:

Any thoughts on how to go about getting this fixed? If they’re going to charge me for a part I’d rather them just ship me the replacement and I’ll swap them myself…right now I have a $700 paper weight - sigh.


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My only suggestion @AriseThePhoenix is that you email

I believe it’s the other side of the cable (screen end) that’s the issue but so far no one has done a screen replacement on p2 max and put a video out so I can’t be sure.

It could be faulty cable (screen end)
Faulty backlight
Faulty panel

Or something else.

I know that no one with this issue has had a resolution yet and I think GPD have offered only that they will repair under warranty and reimburse upto 30 usd freight shipping.


Appreciate the response!

They finally did respond on the indiegogo comment area. Apparently they have been having issues with the cable being too thick and have confirmed a replacement part from a new vendor is available. I have been able to remove the back plate off of the unit and detach the lcd side of the clamshell, however the cables go into the plastic covered area at the bottom of the lcd where the webcam is mounted and I’m having trouble removing that plastic “cover”. Has anyone done this already? I presume there are clips on the “bottom” of the plastic cover that would have to be popped out before the cover will come off, but I’d like to confirm before pushing too hard as it is a tight fit…

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I have no idea Sorry. As I mentioned I’ve not seen any tear down of the screen side of the p2 max.

NB: GPD are saying that the issue has been with crushed screen cables and I’m wondering if it’s been crushed by the copper heat sink pipe as I noticed when I repasted my cpu that it was a tight fit and I didn’t like how it rested over the lcd cable and connector socket. I noticed that the copper pipe had also been dented around that area as well I assume to ensure the cable didn’t get crushed?

I’m sorry I can’t help more on this but I wonder if anyone has got a video or screenshots of screen replacement on p2 max which could help you if they could post them here.

Sounds a bit daft but you could try massaging the board end of the cable gently and inspect it for damage. Also use some isopropyl alcohol (IPA) to clean the cable and around the connector socket.

Ps. I also swear by Servisol Super 10 Switch Contact Lubricant - in the past it’s permanently fixed all kind of issues for me including dead boards not powering etc.

Yeah, that was one of the first things I tried… sadly it didn’t help. I did manage to get the webcam cover off without breaking all the clips :frowning: I just pried it apart from the metal screen case with a small screwdriver. Unfortunately the screen cable goes under the webcam into a small slot under the screen and I’m not sure how to remove it from there… so I’ve asked them for instructions (which I doubt I’ll get) or I might just send in the screen and have them do it.

I’ll keep you posted of any progress.

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