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[SCREEN ISSUE] half of screen is totally dark


I just received my unit today. I turned the unit on and immediately I knew something was wrong with the screen as it does not display the whole GPD logo. The left half of the screen was totally dark/black. It wen’t to the windows setup screen but can’t proceed as I can no longer see what to click.

Any advice?

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@cnobre - Is this the same issue as you had? Or different?

@niknok - I believe if you use an external monitor it will output good. There have been a couple of these reported but slight variations from screen flickers , horizontal or vertical lines appearing then fading out, and then others reporting when they move the screen it sometimes goes off.

Thanks for posting, and I really hope someone can help you from this community and save you from having to return the unit.


Thanks, and yes I was reading a couple of similar cases. I have posted a message in IGG and sent a message to GPD via FB. I’ll wait for their advise on it as well. If it’s just the cable then I can probably work on it. I’m hoping it’s not a panel issue.

I’ll be travelling the next few days and might not have the time (or courage) to tinker with it yet, but will monitor this forum and update it too if something comes up.


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I ended up sending mine back after a long and frustrating back and forth. Let’s see what happens.

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Do you have the instructions on how to send it back? GPD have not replied yet so I don’t have the return address, and what I need to indicate in the return label (i.e. RMA, etc.)

Do you have an email address I can use to contact them? I only messaged them on Facebook.


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@niknok - You must contact in the first instance. If you do not get any joy in 48 hours. Then I have the returns address but your first point of call should be



Thanks for that! I’ll drop her an email. Then ask her the procedure for it.

I hope you can help once they get the device… I am worried I will never see it or get a new one. They told me it would be replaced but I have no idea what will happen.


How long do they usually reply? I’ve sent two emails to the email address above, but have not gotten any reply from them yet.

@niknok - I think there email is down since early this morning due to SSL certificate changes and conflicts caused. When did you email?

Most of the time I’ve emailed I’ve had a reply within 24 hours, the odd time its been 72 hours but this is over a weekend. They do not work weekends.


Got a reply, and discussing options. They say it’s the cable. I’m asking whether that is user replaceable, and if it is it might be best if they send over the cable and I replace it myself. I saw you post an image with one of the connector (to the motherboard). Would you have an image of the other end? the one connecting to the screen itself?


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No @niknok unfortunately not. I emailed GPD when we first started reporting possible screen cables issues and asked them for a screen disassembly video (my thoughts were it would help people like yourself obtain the replacement cable to try before shipping back to GPD)

I am aware there is a screen replacment video done by Phawx for GPD Win but this is not the same device and it would be helpful if GPD would provide this but sadly they refused stating there was already plenty videos online for screen replacements. (Whilst very true there are many screen replacement videos online every laptop is different some are glued in like this p2max others have plastic bezels and different options requiring spugie tools etc.) I am yet to see a p2 max screen replacement video.



Thanks. I asked them for the same thing. I’ll wait for their reply.

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Here’s the same issue as yours

I have the same issue and kendyz has not replied to me. But this past weekend was their holiday so that makes sense.

I was able to disassemble the system enough to get to where the cable goes in behind the LCD screen. However, unless there’s a “trick” to removing that end of the cable, I did not feel comfortable attempting to separate the LCD from the aluminum housing.

I would recommend sending the whole thing in as it’s probably not worth the fear of breaking something by trying to disassemble it. It also technically voids the warranty since you’d have to remove the sticker that covers one of the screws to remove the back plate.

I’ll keep you posted of what I hear (if I hear?) back from kendyz. I intend to send just the screen back since I already have that disassembled unless they can give me some clear cut instructions/pics that would make me feel like I’d be able to remove the other end of the “bad” screen cable.

If they do have a trick that allows me to comfortably do that then I’ll take some pics and upload them to help you out as that way they can just send the replacement cable without us having to send anything back.

Let me know if you hear anything from kendyz on your side.

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Appreciate the update @AriseThePhoenix.
Sorry you’re having to go through all this!

I hope that Kendyz (Yyang) will reply soon.
There was a trade conference (IFA) he was at in Berlin last week, then I’m led to believe another in Japan and I think now Chinese holidays.

Unfortunate timing I think. If you struggle in another day or two to hear from kendyz let me know and I’ll push on behalf of community.


I’m also waiting for their reply. Looking at the image it’s not going to be as easy as I thought. Maybe I can do the same and just ship the LCD panel.

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Kendyz reached out for the first time. Of course, asked for pics of the “problem” as if the description wasn’t easy enough…sigh.

In any case, sent a detailed description of the problem with pics…now, more waiting! :slight_smile:

I’ll keep you posted of our progress. If that cable doesn’t disconnect easily then I’m sending the whole screen back too.

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Apparently Kendyz only got back today haha.
Looks like he is going to be very busy on his return.

Bless him.

I got a reply from Kendyz on the image of the cable. Looking at the picture above, and the cable photo, I’m thinking if it can be replaced without further disassembly? I can’t see where the other cable goes though.