Set up advice for blind user

Hi I have just got my P2 Max and very happy with it. I am totally blind and just wondered, what happens when I turn it on for the first time? Is it a normal Windows setup as I use the Windows inbuilt screen reading software Nerrator. Every other Windows laptop I have set up you can use Screen Reader help from the enitial set up when turning on for the first time? Secondly, how do I type numbers as I can’t feel a number row. Any help would be great.

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Thanks @Frankie. Yes you can. It uses the Microsoft Cortana assistant and has built in screen reader narrator (I haven’t used it personally) to setup Windows using the out of box experience.

The number keys are the top row (half height keys)
You have Escape (with Function key pressed it is Print Screen) key top left, then 1 to 0 (these keys are also Function Keys 1 to 10) and the last key on the top right is Backspace (with Function key pressed it is Delete)

I hope this helps.

Thank so much for your help. I will try it tonight when I get home from work. I am just a little nervous as hve been reading that people have had issues asking for an admin password when first starting up.

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Thanks @Frankie this has only happened in a few isolated instances. I think the majority (me included) turned on the laptop and was greeted with Cortana assistant and Microsoft Out of Box Experience setup wizard.

However if you do have any problems come back to this thread and I’ll do my best to assist you.

Thank you so much for your help. I also read that the BIOS will need to be updated. Is this something I can do in Windows with a screen reader or will I need to into the BIOS of the computer? My understanding of it is that you go to the GPD website and download the file from the download page. Wate for it to down load and run the file. Is this it?

Yes, this is it but it restarts the computer twice and then powers off.

My advice if possible is ask a friend / relative if they can sit with you whilst you do the bios upgrade. It only takes about 5 minutes maximum but it is a batch file script which runs in command shell window and I don’t think that you will get any on screen narration.

There have been again a couple of times where there has been a failure and in them rare circumstances you must not shutdown the machine at all otherwise you risk damaging the cmos chip inside. So best if you can to have assistance if you choose to do bios upgrade.


Thanks so much for your help. I set up the computer last night and it was as simple as my previous laptop setup’s. I am finding the fan constantly on but its not to loud. Do you think this will get better with a BIOS update? I will take your advice and wate for a friend to be around to do a BIOS update. I have had a look on the GPD website which BIOS version is the one to get?

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No problem at all. Happy to try help.
I’m really pleased the setup was as simple as your other laptops. This is great.
With regards to the fan we have a topic open regarding “Fan always on” which we will update as and when we know more. For now I can tell you that GPD are definitely aware that many users are not happy even after the Bios 0.22 update. I have been advised that Bios v.0.22 is a BETA which is still being tested by GPD. For this reason I would at this stage not recommend upgrading to Bios version 0.22 until they have announced its stable and “production ready”
If you are wishing to upgrade the bios please upgrade to the latest stable version which is 0.21, but please check that you need to update first.

To see what existing bios you are running, one way to do this is by pressing Windows Key + R key (run command box) and typing in dxdiagand enter
Click No on the popup dialog box which asks about checking driver signatures and then you will see System Information window - in this window you will see Bios Version and a number next to it.

I do believe the fan spinning up will be improved by GPD reducing the speed when operating at a temperature say below 50 degrees C but I am not so sure if they will provide a FAN OFF solution as they have repeatedly stated that they cannot do this.

Hi thanks so much for your help. I have a friend coming over tonight to help update the BIOS which version is best? I see that version 24 is out, is it stable and does it dampen down the fan noise?

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@Frankie, I am personally running Bios 0.24 - It is stable from the limited testing I have done. However in terms of the fan noise. It is not greatly improved but perhaps slightly improved. There has been some work done by community forum members using a software modification which does improve the fan noise but it is not endorsed by GPD and requires a bit of technical knowledge to get it working.

If you wish to take a look at it its here: It is quite lengthy and some of the thread is related to Linux and not Windows configurations.

I hope this helps.