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Topic to track returns issue / customs issues / shipping reinbursements issues

This topic has been created to track any returns issues either with GPD, customs or with GPD not reimbursing shipping / freight costs.

  1. GPD will NOT accept express or expedited shipping / freight under any circumstances

  2. GPD have stated they will reimburse freight shipping sent by normal post office method upto USD value 30 dollars, once return authorised by


Looking at online shipping calculators, it looks like it probably won’t even be possible to ship it from the US to China for $30. People should also post what it actually cost them to ship it back and what method they used.

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yes if they have issues reclaiming postage user can upload post office receipt of proof here and tell me what GPD said and then i think we should collectively push GPD to reimburse the actual cost of postage. Thanks.

I’m hoping this will not be an issue - but i created this topic just incase there are issues.

Also I just thought - What after they repair it and resend it you back. Will you be expected to pay another set of high import custom duties again? Who will pick up this tab?

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@admin Good point about paying import taxes a second time! It looks like in the US and UK there are forms to fill out when shipping it back that can avoid this. But it would require GPD to to also fill out special forms when sending it back to you as well, and I don’t think it’ll be ok to mark it as a $40 electronic dictionary on the customs form when doing so like GPD wanted…

US repair export info:

UK repair export info:

Thanks @Bluegizmo83, I just looked at UK link - this is really useful thanks again.

However we now have a problem don’t we as GPD specifically stated not to mark it for repair (as its banned)? Which you clearly need to do in order to comply with the “Outward Processing Relief” process and ensure the outbound freight carrier knows its temporary export for repair only.

hmm… I don’t know the solution for this.

@admin yeah that would definitely be a problem! Quite a mess…

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Is the US process similar do you know @Bluegizmo83

Hi all

For anyone who is interested I will paste the entire email that I received from Kendyz this morning at 12:31am PST. Unless I’m missing something there is no mention anywhere of reimbursements:

Dear Backer

Could you please send it back to us for repair? We will help you to repair it then send back to you.

Maintenance service is for free, we just charge the replacement parts replaced (if happen) and the shipping cost (from china to your country), how do you think about it?

If the battery isn’t allowed by the post office mail, you can remove the battery. You just send the unit self without the box which is lighter than the whole.

Please send it back to us by Post office service and let me know the tracking number.

(We are REFUSE to accept the express package)

Here is the return shipping address:

Contact Name and Address Redacted by ADMIN
Reason: Whilst I have permission to give the address to users claiming not to have had response after 24-48 hours the default route needs to be through for authorisation to return in the first instance.

Please declare the “electronic dictionary” as the product name,and value as 40USD. Please totally do NOT mark it as the repair unit or return unit.

Because it is banned to import the used mechanical and electronic product in China.

Just leave a Note Paper in your shipping box to show your Indiegogo Pledge ID, which accessories were removed before you sent the device, the problem of your device, your shipping address of the second shipment and your contact number and email.

After you send, please, provide the tracking number and the express waybill for us to check, so that we can get it quickly.

Thanks and have a great day.


Best Regards

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Forgot to mention that I replied to Kenzyd that this is not acceptable. I will let you all know if/when GPD reply.

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Hi @S_J thanks for posting and apologies but I’ve decided to redact the shipping details from the template post for reasons given. GPD voluntarily provided it to me last week before I took receipt of the device in lieu of this support forum being setup incase community users required it but I agreed that first instance should be through Kendyz.

The promise of reimbursements appear to have been mentioned privately using PayPal and also announced publically that upto 30 USD have been promised on IGG comments so long as you send normal post service not expedited or express.

We discuss it here in brief and also mention your template on the below thread.

Oh my apologies Pete. I’ve been really busy and haven’t been following the saga. I woke up this morning to find the email from GPD and the contents surprised me.

I am curious why Kendyz made no mention of a paypal reimbursement in his email to me? My email to him was clearly and concisely about the bottom letter keys sticking. Had he mention reimbursement I wouldn’t really have a problem. Instead he specifically said I would be charged. Maybe I’m misunderstanding something?

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@S_J - it appears an email template stock response. That’s the issue. It’s appears it’s sent out to anyone having an issue for returns and not specifically responding to someone who only just received their device and it’s DOA or defective.

But yes I think GPD should change this immediately as it takes someone to complain to then get a personalised response and offer of reimbursement etc.

Ah yes that totally makes sense about it being a stock response. It does read that way. Thank you for clarifying.

I apologize if you’ve already mentioned this somewhere but is there a paypal link where we can send a little something to help with this forum? You’ve gone above and beyond helping us early backers get information and answers. GPD should be paying you!


Hi @S_J

Thanks for your kind words.
I apologise for the delay in replying but I needed to think about my reply before I replied.

Ok, so when I made decision to purchase domain and setup this discourse forum I did so as a pure act of trying to help others, being ex IT support, I thought maybe I could take some of the demand off GPD, perhaps help with better explanations in English and triage support requests into major and minor or user error. This space appears to have been well received by GPD users.

Please understand I didn’t really think about the long term of administrating, moderating, maintaining such a site, I simply was trying to respond quickly to (as I saw it) GPD not being quick enough or good enough in basic customer support, plus not having a space where they could address matters succinctly. The IGG space whilst good for new backers to see negative feedback isn’t really a space to help people as it’s not designed to be used as a support channel.

I personally have no desire to profit from other people’s misfortunes, or problems, and only ever set this up as a community space for all of us to share and make better use of. I admit, this site may not be as pretty as it could be, (when compared to say Ubuntu MATE Community forum or Mozilla forum) but then I favour function over style, and for me personally I do not have any desire to make this a full time project although I am happy to attempt to support gpd users as and when I’m able to,

In terms of donations, again there is nowhere mentioning donations because I never sought to do so. I also commit to a Buddhist lifestyle / regime which means I do not want for anything and have no desire to receive any donations personally.

There is one exception to this and I think I would be willing to setup a bitcoin address and or ethereum address for donations to be received which would not go towards me in any way but would help contribute for domain name renewals and the vps server which is hosting this site. I’m also using my personal gmail currently to backhaul the system notifications from and it would be nice in the future to move this to which can easily be done but I’d need to obtain a mailserver and setup DKIM and SPF. (My preference would be protonmail)

I will create these later and link to this post.
Thanks again for your comments and your kind words.

EDIT: Lastly just to clarify fully, Neither I nor the site will ever accept any monetary donations, sponsorship, or other remuneration from GPD as to do so would immediately undermine the integrity of this site as an independent gpd user community. We are happy however to receive from GPD test prototypes or fully produced products on loan or otherwise to be used for the sole purpose of helping and supporting users with their GPD product.

I hope this long winded explanation fully explains my position?

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Hi guys. I do have a similar problem. My microPC is less them two months old and It has to be replaced, but the postage from Austria to China is higher then 30 USD.

I’m discussion with Kendy how to proceed. … will let you know the outcome!

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Sorry to hear this

Please do advise back here, if needed I will put pressure on Kendyz for you too but hopefully it will not be necessary.

Thanks for joining this community and posting.

Now they will send me a new battery but because of low stock, it might be taking weeks!
This means that the one year warranty will continue progress while the microPC is broken and not used!
Not sure if there is a chance to expedite this. But in any case, this is a very bad customer support practice.

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