Touch Screen [Windows] won't work again

Last time I post here saying my P2 Max touch screen (windows) doesn’t work then I delete all the partition in the SSD and do a clean install windows then I am able to get the touch screen back to work.

However, after I installed couples of windows applications my touch screen won’t work again. Since then, I tried several times to format the SSD and re-install windows and the drivers from GPD but I cannot get the touch screen work again.

Does anyone have similar experience? Any solutions?

Did you do any Windows Updates or Upgrade Bios version?

(i) I did have the latest windows update
(ii) Bios version is 0.23

When did you update bios? Is this when touchscreen stopped working?

I updated the bios is after the touch screen stopped working.

That mean, when the touch screen stopped working again the bios version is 0.22. After that I updated the bios version to 0.23 but it did not help to get the touch screen back to work.

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Can you please uninstall the touchscreen driver in device manager.

Then reboot the machine

Then install the driver manually again from gpd downloads you have.

Let me know if this touchscreen burst back to life. Thanks

Tried but does not help to get touch screen back to work.

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I assume your unwilling to want to start over with a clean install. I mean I would be tbh if I was you. But last time this problem was resolved By doing so and would prove it as software issue rather than hardware issue.

All I can tell you is my touchscreen has been stable after windows updates and bios upgrades on windows 10 home.

I’m testing it daily.

My apologies I’ve just seen you state you have already tried this. Then I have no suggestions I’m sorry other than contacting gpd.

@Wicky have you tried forcefully updating the touch screen with the supplied goodix driver in the driver package. Just take a screenshot of the following section in the Device Manager and post it here. Are you able to find the goodix driver?

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Please found the screen shot as attached…

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@aravind - Do you have any suggestions for @Wicky?

@petem It seems like @Wicky has the right drivers installed already. But I am not sure what else could be the problem. @Wicky are you using Windows 10 Home Version? What is the build number?

Can you forcefully try to re-install the goodix driver once again using following steps:

Right Click on the Goodix driver in device manager and click on Update Driver

Select browse my computer option

Select let me pick from list of available drivers from computer

Click on Have Disk

Choose the file GoodixTouchDriver.inf from the folder GPD-All-WIN10_X64_drivers_V2\P2MAX-touch and click OK

Click next and Goodix Touch Device Driver should be reinstalled. Hopefully this should work!

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@aravind, thanks for your advise and the detail instruction. I have followed your instruction to reload the driver however my touch screen issue remains not resolved.

@Wicky The only remaining option is to either perform a clean installation of the Windows 10 Home from the scratch by formatting the drive and starting the setup all over again, and re-install the drivers. If that doesn’t work then try and use the Windows firmware provided by GPD.

@ aravind, currently I installed Windows 10 Home version 1903 OS build 18362.295. I will try to reinstall the windows and driver again to see if it works.

Besides, I would like your advise as how to use the Windows frimware provided by GPD. Since I have tried to unzip their files in the root directory of a USB thumb drive and wanted use it to reinstall the windows, however it stopped after bootup. It did have an message but I forgot the exact content. I am going to re-try and capture the error message to see if you can help, thanks in advance.

Hi @Wicky yes if you could state what error you are receiving it would be helpful. And also mention the exact steps of what option you are using from BIOS to boot into this disk.

Also first try to create a bootable disk using the Windows ISO downloaded from Microsoft and software such as RUFUS. and then replace the contents with this zip folder’s contents.

Hi aravind, (i) for the clean windows installation, I do use the RUFUS with windows iso file downloaded from microsoft to create the bootable usb for the installation.
(ii) for trying to use the Windows frimware provided by GPD, I only using winrar to unzip the to the root directory of a usb that formatted as NTFS. Please refer to the attached jpgs for the errors messages that occur when I try to use the Windows frimware provided by GPD.