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Windows 7 x64 installs natively on GPD P2 Max

I’m a retro OS user, mostly for video capture and old hardware support.

Just reporting that I installed Windows 7 Pro x64 on the GPD P2 Max hardware natively with no virtual box or virtual machine emulation.

The device drivers mostly install on their own, but I had to manually use the on screen keyboard to install the standard HID Keyboard driver… then the keyboard started working. The touchpad worked out of the box.

The screen resolution seems to be fixed at maximum because of the Standard VGA driver, so is at 2500x1600, but the text and font resizer can upscale the user interface to a reasonable level. It just looks like a Mac Retina display of a normal sized user desktop.

I’ve not done any actual poking around to customize the drivers, the WIFi and Bluetooth just seem to work.

I did have to use a GOP enabled boot loader, but otherwise the pre-boot startup screen with the twirling colored balls works and everything else I tried.

In summary it was a near zero effort to install